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Demo and Rental




With Square One's huge selection of demo and rental gear,

you can "fly before you buy" and make a confident,

educated decision on buying new skydiving equipment!


The following policies pertain to the demo and rental programs at Square One's Pro Shop at Perris Valley Skydiving in Perris, CA. 


 For questions regarding our demo or rental programs, please contact the Square One Pro Shop at 951-657-3858 or dzstore@square1.com.


For all demo and rental programs, several rules apply:

- No reservations are allowed; gear is given to demo and rental customers on a first-come first-serve basis.

- Customers are responsible for any damage or loss incurred AND reserve repacks if necessary, etc.

- 220 lbs. is the maximum body weight permitted to jump Square One rental or demo gear.

- A waiver must be filled-out and signed (including a valid credit card number) before use of any demo or rental gear.



Demo Program


The real advantage to Square One's demo program is that the cost is much cheaper than renting - you break even after only 2 days use per month!  There are several options to choose from:  our full-gear demo program (container, reserve and main), our main canopy only demo program, or our visitor's demo program.


Full-Gear Demo Program

This program requires a commitment to purchase a complete NEW set of gear (container/reserve/main - approximate value of $3600 + sales tax).  The Demo Program allows you unlimited jumps per day and unlimited days per month!


An initial deposit (which is applied to your purchase) plus three months maintenance fees in advance are required to begin the Demo Program. Depending on the amount of your deposit, the monthly fees can be reduced or waived.  Payment options include:

  • $1,000 Deposit + $99.00 Monthly Maintenance Fee, or

  • $3,000 Deposit + $49.50 Monthly Maintenance Fee, or

  • $4,000 Deposit with NO Monthly Maintenance Fee for six months or 100 jumps, whichever comes first (then the fee is $49.50).

Main Canopy Only Demo Program

This program requires a commitment to purchase a NEW main canopy. A $500 minimum deposit must be maintained (which is applied to your purchase), plus a $49.50 Monthly Maintenance Fee (this fee is waived for the first 30 days).  This program allows you unlimited use of any of our main demo canopies to help you decide which canopy you want to order.  This program is perfect for those looking to buy a new main who want to try different canopies before making a purchase.


Visitor's Demo Program

      This program is valid only for visitors staying 30 DAYS or less at the Perris DZ. 

     This program is for visitors who intend to purchase at least $1200 worth of new or used equipment during your stay.


Equipment consists of any of the combination of the following components


1 harness/container system

1 reserve parachute

1 main parachute

1 Cypres


A $500 deposit towards your purchase is required up front. This is valid for eight days of equipment rentals (unlimited jumps per day). After 8 days if you have not made a purchase then another $500 deposit towards your purchase is required.

A Daily rental fee will be charged at the end of your stay to offset the expense of maintaining the Square One demo equipment as follows


Purchase Amount              Daily Rental Fee


$0-$1199                             $60

$1200-$2499                        $15

$2500-$3999                        $10

$4000 +                              FREE

  • In Addition to the Visitors Demo Contract customers are required to sign the Square One Rental/Demo Waiver. Customers must also pay for any damage or repacks incurred while using Square One equipment.


Rental Program


With the Rental Program, there is NO commitment required to purchase equipment.  The rental price is $64.50 per day (unlimited jumps!).  This includes a Cypres-equipped container with a reserve canopy and a main canopy - choose from our large selection of top-of-the-line gear! 


The rental price DOES NOT include altimeter, helmet, goggles or jumpsuit.  We have a limited number of demo jumpsuits and helmets that may be available, and a limited number of altimeters that may be rented for $10 per day.  All rental gear is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Compare Our Prices!

Average dropzones in the USA charge

$35-$45 PER JUMP.

For this you would usually be using a student rig, with no opportunity to transition safely to smaller main canopies.

Square One offers the best gear at the best price!


You can't beat the Square One package!

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

and look forward to serving you!


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