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Square One has been in the skydiving equipment business since 1984.

Why choose Square One for all your skydiving needs? For over two decades we have been an innovative leaders in the skydiving industry. We are always working to improve our services so that our customers can have the best gear-buying experience available!

In addition, the Square One staff consists of dedicated people who have devoted their lives to the sport of skydiving. Our staff includes several World Record Holders, National Medal Holders, and top organizers in the sport. Even when we are not at work, we are putting our time and energy  back into the sport we love so much. We want skydiving to touch as many people as possible, the way it has touched and changed our lives. Our promise to you: The larger Square One becomes, the more we will put back into our great sport!

When you choose Square One for all your skydiving needs, you benefit from the experience and dedication of our staff.  And with Square One, your satisfaction is always guaranteed!



Square One is the leading distributor of all kinds of skydiving gear and accessories