Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: If I am registered on your list will I be invited on all your skydiving events?
A: Probably not. We will send out invites to people who are qualified for the event we are working on. You may not have enough experience to be on the next event. You may have enough experience but you have no references and we have not had the pleasure to jump with you yet. You may be the wrong sex, some events are for women or men only!
2. Q: How do I get on big skydives; formation loads, World Records and so on?
A: It really depends on your experience. If you are low time (under 500 jumps) you need to prove yourself (see next question). If you are experienced but not known by us, we can use references from other major organizers. If you are experienced and known but not known by Kate and I, you may need to come to one of our smaller events and jump with us,  Then if you prove yourself we will invite you on larger events.
3. Q: How do I prove myself
A: The easiest way is to come to one of our smaller events and let us jump with you and evaluate your skill level. This is also a good idea because even if you are not ready to move onto bigger events we will give you suggestions on what to work on and what we are looking for.
4. Q: I have way under 500 jumps and I am told I am really talented. How can I get on your formation loads and World Records?
A: Read question # 3 again.
5. Q: I have 2000 jumps and I am really good . How can I get on your formation loads and World Records?
A:Read the answer to question #2 again.
6. Q: If I come to one of your events can I get cut and asked to sit down for the rest of the event?
A: The answer is "yes" but it depends on which events you come to.  During a training type event we want you to make mistakes, you will learn faster and gain more experience if you do. During our big events there is normally a grace period where you are allowed to make mistakes while you are learning your slot. Then after the grace period is up, you will get asked to sit down if you are slowing down or hurting the group as a whole from reaching its goal. During any event if you break basic safety rules or do anything we consider dangerous we will bench you in a heart beat. Our number one goal for all events is "safety first".
7. Q: If I do really good at a training type event will I get invited to larger event?
A: It depends on what training event you came to and what event you want to go to. If you came to a diving and floating camp and you want to get on a 400 way attempt, probably not, but you can always ask us via e-mail.
8. Q: How do I find out information about an event and see if I can get invited?
A: First make sure you are registered, then e-mail me and ask. I will review your data and get you an answer or ask for more references.
9. Q: Are all events invitation only?
A: No. Many training type events are open to anyone meeting the minimum requirements. We also do smaller events aimed at lower experienced jumpers who want to be seen and get to jump with us.
10. Q: If I got cut from one of your events before can I come to another one?
A: Most likely yes. We understand people have bad days and you may have improved your skills since then.
11. Q: My skill level and experience is much higher now then when I filled out the registration form how do I up date my personal data?
A: The system will have a way to update your data very soon. We are still under construction.
12. Q: You know me really well and I jump with you a lot, can I get my friend on the load?
A: Maybe. Have your friend fill out a registration form and then ask us if they can get invited.
13. Q: Can I be a reference for a friend of mine to get invited to an event. My friend does not have very many jumps but he/she is really talented.
A: Have them fill out a registration form and then ask me.
14. Q: If I buy my new gear from Square1 will that help get me on the good loads?
A: Oh yes, definitely yes! But you still have to be qualified.
15. Q: If I tell all my friends to buy gear from Square1 will that help me get on the good loads?
A: Oh yes, definitely yes, But you still have to be qualified.
16. Q: If I give you $10,000 cash to keep, can I get invited to your next major event?

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