Did You Know ?


Did you know that Square One is responsible for the:

*"Jump for the Cause" 1999 the current Women's World Record skydive.
Over $500,000 was raised for Breast Cancer Research during this event.

*The first 100 way star ever built
*The first 2 point 114 way ever completed,
*The fastest 100 way ever (46 seconds).

Square One has contributed to the success of
(Tony and Kate were both part of the organization)

World Team 1994
World Team 1996, 297 way
World Team 1999, current world record 282 way

Square One has sponsored and does sponsor the following:

Airspeed 4 and 8 way
Roger Ponce de Leon
George Jicha
Team Firestarter Tanya and Craig, skysurfing team
Fly Boyz freefly team
Structure Fire freefly team
Color Concepts
Team Perris
Pops World Record attempts

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