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A symbol for a new age in harness container evolution.

That was our goal while developing the Icon. Our sport is evolving, three dimensional body flight, speed skydiving, new formation skydiving techniques, record breaking efforts on all fronts; the envelope has expanded and we had to embrace all of this and more.

Comfort, style, and options were a "given", but the Icon had to be more. We had to develop new technology in order to address the current and future needs of skydivers around the world.

 Our development team had to consider many things that most of us would rather not think about. Possibilities like: unintentional reserve deployments at high speeds, high g-force spinning malfunctions of main canopies, among others. Not pleasant thoughts, but when designing a new harness/container system, we had to look at every aspect.

 We think you will like the result. The Icon not only provides you with a comfortable, reliable and, may we say, good looking rig, it also incorporates new technology, not found on any other system in the world.