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The ICON comes standard with all the popular features, while its base price also includes a great number of variants:

The ICON sport model comes standard with:

- Aerodyne new innovative and patented stainless steel miniforce 3-ring system.

- Articulated harness with hip rings and all stainless steel hardware.

- Elastic bungee between the leg pads, to keep the leg pads in place during freefly  maneuvers.

- Standard wide chest strap.

- Smaller container sizes (I1, I2 and I3) come standard with cut-in lateral backstraps.

- Bottom of container pouch for hand deployed pilot chute.

- Hand deployed pilot chute with kill line bridle.

- New “Link-Stop” panels! These small panels, located inside the main container, prevent connector links from wrapping around or catching on the corner of the reserve container. Links that catch the reserve container or are wrapped around this corner, have resulted in anything from line twists and off-heading openings to tearing reserve containers out of rigs!

- The size of the hand deployed pilot chute is matched with the main container size.

- Main deployment bag.

- Innovative reserve freebag with spring-loaded pilot chute.

- Stainless steel reserve ripcord.

- Pillow model cutaway handle with conduit insert for improved  grip.

- Mini-risers (length is 20 inch or 51 cm) with velcroless toggles and  equipped with stainless steel ring for  RSL use.

- Unique  stainless steel hook knife located under left hand 3-ring cover.

- CYPRES ready.

- Icon embroidery on right hand 3 ring cover.

- Aerodyne embroideries on side walls.

The following variants are available at no additional charge:

- Choice of custom colors.

- 1 inch narrow chest strap.

- Parapack or Cordura backpad.

The following options are available at additional charge:

- Chest rings for improved harness articulation.

- Reserve static line RSL system.

- Soft pad reserve ripcord handle with conduit insert for improved  grip.

- Custom embroideries on side walls and left hand 3-ring cover.

- Hackey sack handle or freefly handle on hand deployed pilot chute.

- Freefly handle on hand deployed pilot chute.