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Cam Eye II
CamEye II

The Cam Eye II video light allows the camera flier to visually confirm camera status at any time while wearing the helmet. Never again land to find that your camera missed the skydive! An invaluable addition to your camera helmet setup.

CamEye II is specially designed for skydivers but can be used in any situation where it is difficult to reach the camera.

The first Video light with camera control capability. With a short click on the red button CamEye II toggles between recording and standby. It's that easy to start and stop recording - great for saving valuable and expensive DV tapes - No more unnecessary film shots.

Extend the battery capacity on your camera with CamEye II. You can turn off the camera power at anytime. Hold down the switch for 3 seconds and the power turns off. It's just as easy to start the camera again, just hold the switch down for one second. Extremely handy in hold situations. Remember that SONY camcorders turn them-selves off after 5 minutes in standby.

Multicolor light for additional information. You can always see the camera status. A sharp blue light indicates power on and standby. A red light indicates recording in progress. An alternating blue/red blinking light indicates low battery and warns you when you have less than 5 minutes left on the tape. A blinking red light indicates that the camera is in Player or Photo mode.

Works with most camcorders with a LANC port. Any SONY camcorder with a LANC jack can be controlled via CamEye II. Other brands also have LANC ports.

CamEye II is not just a light. A microcomputer inside CamEye II controls the camera and reads the status for you. CamEye II works in parallel with the normal control buttons on your camcorder. This means that you can still operate the camera the normal way.

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