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The Blade is an ultra fast canopy exclusively for very skilled pilots with considerable experience on high speed parachutes. By the development of a unique new profile with the Blade, the recommended wing loadings range from 1.6 to 2.2 pounds per square foot. A minimum experience level of 700 jumps is recommended for the higher wing loadings. By greatly reducing drag, the Blade flies at substantially higher forward speed than other canopies of a similar size. Further, we shifted the ventilation of the cells downward, enhancing airfoil pressurization so that it is virtually impossible to collapse. During full glide the Blade reacts to toggle input very quickly, which makes it amazingly responsive. With gentle application of brakes sinking is drastically reduced, but forward speed remains very high. A large control range, aggressive turns and very long Swoops are the result. The Blade is available in sizes of 58 to 120 sq.ft. Prior to purchasing the 58 or 68 size, proof of experience and strict recommendations are absolutely required. The Blade comes equipped with soft connector links, brass slider grommets, and a completely new Technora line. This new line material has a much improved UV protection over conventional HMA, and this new line has a bonus along with the UV chemistry– the suspension lines are black!
Size ASP. Ratio MIN. Exit Weight Max. Exit Weight Pack Volume Min. Cord Max. Cord Wing Span
58 2.56 93 LBS 128 LBS 182 cu. in. 99 cm 141 cm 369 cm
68 2.56 109 LBS 150 LBS 198 cu. in. 104 cm 151 cm 401
78 2.56 125 LBS 172 LBS 214 cu. in. 110 cm 161 cm 426
88 2.56 141 LBS 194 LBS 242 cu. in. 120 cm 171 cm 455 cm
98 2.56 157 LBS 216 LBS 256 LBS 125 cm 181 cm 476 cm
108 2.56 173 LBS 238 LBS 273 cu. in. 132 cm 191 cm 501 cm
120 2.56 192 264 310 cu. in. 147 cm 210 cm 530 cm

LBS - Pounds

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I-701502 HP Blade 108-120 1,995.00 1,596.00 cart
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