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Project 500

Our Mission:
To set a new World Record for the largest FS formation. To consist of the best 500 men and women from around the world.

Time frame: Sometime in the next 1 to 3 years

Goal: To source and train these skydivers to accomplish the above mission in the time frame allotted

We know from the WT ’06 400-way that one of the major obstacles to overcome for the next World Record in FS will be to get enough qualified jumpers to do a 500 way. Normal attrition from one World Record to the next usually runs about 10 to 15%,. In order to do a 500 way we will need 550 to 590 of the world’s best skydivers to join forces and work together towards the same goal.
We believe there are currently enough qualified jumpers around the world to meet our goal but it is always a challenge to get everyone to commit to the same event. Rather than counting on securing the existing group of skydivers Project 500 has a different plan. We will INCREASE the number of trained and qualified jumpers through a planned series of training events and camps. This will give us the number of people needed to build a 500 way event and insure that the people trained for the event actually want to participate in it. This plan will also increase the overall skill level, making the building of the 500 way more efficient.

The Project 500 plan to increase the number of qualified jumpers

* Identifying the existing qualified jumpers that may not be known by the top organizers and recruiters for the next World Record.

* Training new jumpers specifically for the goal of the next World Record in Formation skydiving—the 500 way.

Big Way Camps

The Big Way Camp project has been in place for over 6 years. These camps are coached by Tony Domenico, Kate Cooper, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, and Larry Henderson. The format of these camps teach the basic techniques used at top large formation events and many current World Record holders can trace their training directly to these events. Big Way Camps are held once or twice a year. The May events are followed by a camp format 100 way event which continues the training given in the basic camp.

A lot of the techniques taught at these camps have been refined year after year and we have been creating the terminology to go with each technique. NO OTHER EVENT teaches as thorough an understanding of the techniques and terminology that are used in these camps.

There are other large formation training events held around the world. These are all well run events by competent coaches but do not expect them to be the equal to our Big Way Camps. There is no substitute for the experience—both in personal participation and by organizing at the world level--held by our Big Way Camp coaches. These other training events are often taught by people not in the organizational ranks of the events—and in some cases by people who haven’t even participated in current records. These camps will not by run by the people selecting jumpers for the up coming World Record. In order to learn the terminology and current methods of large formation building it is important that you get your training from the people who are will be organizing and recruiting for the next records.

Attendance at one of our Big Way Camps will give you exposure to the most up to date techniques being taught and used on World Records. These events are the arenas where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your talent, show your desire, and receive invitations to future events and records. If you wish to increase your knowledge and skill level these organizers will send you home with specific goals and personal coaching so you can continue your learning after the camp is over.

These camps are not just for novice skydivers, over half of the people who normally attend our Big Way Camps have over 1,000 jumps and many are current World Record holders. Organizers from around the world have attended our camps specifically to learn our terminology and techniques in order to take them back to their local dropzones and continue the education world wide. Skydivers come to our camps to get current at their diving and floating skills and to try new slots they normally do not experience. During these camps we create a “no fault” environment where we encourage jumpers to move out of their comfort zone and try new slots. The goal of the camp is not to complete formations, but rather to expand your knowledge and let you try new slots. We encourage you to make mistakes!!! This is how we learn new techniques and train the record holders of the future.

Advanced Big Way Camps

The Advanced Big Way Camp is a new type of training camp focused on teaching the techniques that we ask people to do at high end events. These skills are expected of the World Class skydiver but are often difficult to practice in a local day-to-day dropzone environment. Special dives will be designed to practice these techniques.

Techniques that will be taught and practiced will include:

* Sheep dogging—the correct way to follow a person from exit to dock. How close is too close?
* Radials—understanding and identifying the exact approach from the base to your slot
* Exit and Entry Frame—avoiding drama in the red zone
* Stadium set up—recognizing and implementing the correct angle of approach
* Tracking techniques—including team tracking and how to be a tracking leader.

100+ Way Events

There are several 100 ways events done each year around the world. Some of these are organized by the recruiters who will be responsible for selecting people for upcoming World Record Events. If your goal is to do a World Class event then you want to attend as many of these events as possible. Our organizing team does a Big Way Camp followed by a 100 way event every May. While the Big Way Camp is open to those who meet minimum requirements the 100 way camp is invitation only. A number of slots are reserved each year for both newer people and experienced jumpers who are not known by our organizers. These people will receive conditional invitations to the 100 way camp pending successful completion of the Big Way Camp the week before. This is an excellent opportunity for both the newer jumpers wanting to do their first 100 ways and for experienced jumpers unknown by our coaches to get exposed to our techniques, terminology, and to meet and be seen by the organizers who select jumpers for World record Events.
Again not all 100 way events are equal. If you want to be seen and get to know the organizers who will be recruiting for future World Record Events then we recommend you attend events being held by these organizers.

How to get invited on the 500 WAY

* You need to have the skill sets and have those recognized by the organizers and recruiters who will be working directly with the record(s) you wish to attend.

Organizers invite jumpers they know can do the job. This normally means they have personally seen you perform on multiple large formation events without major errors. You can be the most talented jumper in the world but if no one knows it, you may never get invited to a World Record Event. The cost in time and money is very high to do a World Record attempt, few organizers will risk putting an unknown jumper on an event of this magnitude.

If your goal is to be invited on the 500 way, the time to get seen is NOW. You need to attend one or more events where you will be seen and have the opportunity to show your skills. Even more importantly you will need to learn the terminology and techniques that will be used on the records. The more events you do, the more you will learn and the more you will be seen. While this does not guarantee an invitation it certainly increases your chances of getting invited to a Record Event many times over.

In short—The choice is yours. If you wish to become part of skydiving history and join an elite team of World Record Holders then you need to make that decision and act on it today. We hope to see you in the air soon!

See you on the 500 way! (it should be a good party!)

Tony Domenico
Kate Cooper

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