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Kate and I would like to take this opportunity to better acquaint you with Square One and our unique and very special position in the skydiving industry.

We started Square One in early 1984. We saw a need for an equipment dealer that offered both good prices and good service. At that time the only options available to jumpers were good service at retail prices or no service at discounted prices. Since that date we have become the industries standard in providing our customers with the best information available, the best equipment selection-always at a great price, and the best customer service anywhere.


Why choose Square One for all your skydiving needs? For over two decade we have been very innovative in both product selection and customer service. Kate and I are leaders in the sport, We are founders of "Jump For The Cause" the premier Women's World Record Charity Events. We have raised close to one Million Dollars for Breast Cancer research, prevention, and awareness. In addition we have organized three Women's World Records in FS 118 Way. 131 Way, and the current Women's World Record 151 Way. Kate organized and was part of the first Women's Free Fly World Record. Kate and I also hold key positions in World Team Events, World Team with our help has established several World Records, they include 282 Way, 357 Way, and the upcoming 400 Way in Thailand, Feb 2006. Kate is a current and active Base Jumper, and has written several articles that have appeared in skydiving magazines. No other equipment dealer can offer you the experience our staff has. Our goal is to give Square One customers the best service possible, period.

Did you know Square One puts a lot back into our sport? Each year Square One puts a major share of the companyís profits back into the sport. Square One organizes several events each year aimed at different experience levels from teaching diving and floating to newer jumpers, to organizing multiple point 100-way events for more seasoned jumpers. Square One sponsors Roger Ponce de Leonís Color Concepts program. Square One is a prominent sponsor of all POPS World Record jumps. For over a decade Square One has been a proud sponsor of Arizona Air Speed, multiple National and World Champions. No other dealer in the sport of skydiving puts as much back into the sport as Square One does!

Kate and I are both current skydivers. We are both multiple world record holders and national metal holders. Our enthusiasm for the sport is reflected in both ours and our employees attitudes toward both the sport and its participants. Call us and talk to us sometime. You will feel and see the difference.

Kate and I have dedicated our lives to the sport of skydiving. We want skydiving to touch as many people as possible, the way it has touched and changed our lives.

Our promise to you: The larger Square One becomes, the more we will put back into our great sport. We want to thank you, our customer, because without you there would be no Square One and we will never forget that. Thanks again!

Blue Skies, Sincerely...

Tony Domenico D-8997, First Jump 10/79
Kate Cooper D-7333, First Jump 11/78

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Murrieta, California 92562 USA

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