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Tony Domenico
Total Number of Jumps: 6,000+
Preferred Methods of Flight: RW & FREEFLYING!
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!: Fishing, Photography, Mountaineering, Art, Jewelry Design/Making, Archery
Personal Accomplishments:
Largest Formation to date - 400-way Thailand 2006
Organized the first ever 90 way star
Organized the first ever 100-way star
Organized the first ever 2 point 114 way
Base Captain World Team 1996
Base Captain World Team 1999
Base Captain World Team 2004
Co-Organized the first 4 point 106-Way
World Records:
144-way, 200-way, 282-way, 300-way, 357-way, 400-way
Women's Record 118-Way (Co-Organizer)
Women's Record 131-way (Co-Organizer)
Women's Record 151-way (Co-Organizer)
Upcoming Women's World record 175-way (Co-Organizer)
Skydiving Medals:
BRONZE 8-way, 1987 US Nationals
SILVER 10-way, 1987 US Nationals
SILVER 10-way, 1988 US Nationals
4th Place 4-way, 1988 & 1989 US Nationals (GUMBIES)
SILVER 8-way, 1989 US Nationals
BRONZE 10-way, 1989 US Nationals
SILVER 20-way, 1992 US Nationals
BRONZE 20-way, 1997 US Nationals
Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, January 1997
Organized several successful 100-way or larger formations
Organizer of the "P3 Big Way Camps" events
Private Pilot, instrument rated
Boat Captain with over 3000 hours on the pacific Ocean
Caught a 500 pound Blue Marlin off the coast of Africa, June 2008
Comments: "I want to try everything at least once!"
Future Goals: To Organize a 500-way world-record formation; to continually improve and keep SQUARE ONE light years ahead of the competition; to have kids someday
Kate Cooper-Jensen
Total Number of Jumps: 7,500+
Preferred Methods of Flight: Freefly, 4/8-way, and organizing
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Hiking, running, reading
Personal Accomplishments:
Climbed the Umbwe route on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Jan 97
Ran & Finished the 1996 LA Marathon
Drove down to the tip of Baja... fishing & camping enroute
Climbed Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia February '02 during the Exotic Skydiving Adventures boogie
"Mt. Whitney in a day" climb with a group of skydiving women in 2001 (highest point in the lower 48 states at 14,495 feet); then doing the Mt. Whitney route "in a day" the following month
Skydiving Accomplishments:
Multiple local, regional & national medals in...- 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 & 20-way events.
Current World Record holder (282-Way) Participant in...
- 100-Way World Record
- 126-Way World Record
- 144-Way World Record
- 200-Way World Record
- 216-Way (World Team 94)
- 297-Way (World Team 96)
- 282-Way (World Team 99)
- 300-way World Record - 60-Way Women's World Record
- 72-Way Women's World Record
- 118-Way Women's World Record (99)
- 131-way Women's World Record (02)
- 151-way Women's World Record (05)
- First Women's freefly world record (03)
Organized the first 100-Way attempts on the West Coast.
Current organizer on the West Coast
SILVER 20-Way, 1992
BRONZE 20-way, 1997 US Nationals
Co-organizer of the first ever 100 way star
Co-organizer of the first ever two point 114 way
Co- Organized the Women's Record 118-Way
Co- Organized the current Women's Record 131-Way
Captain of the Airspeed 300-way in Eloy in 2002
Co-organized 1996 World Team Event
Co-organized 1999 World Team Event
Co-organized 2004 World Team Event
Co-organizer of the upcoming Jump for the Cause Women's World Record (Fall 2009)
Working as a stuntman on the movie DROP ZONE--Landing on a building at night among other things!
Being one of 6 Americans on a MI-26 helicopter in Russia with 100 jumpers aboard!
Working on some of the best skydiving events that have happened in the last 10 years!
Doing a rocking 4-way with Dan BC, Neal Houston, and Tony Domenico! (not too shabby, eh?)
Favorite Quote: "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."
Future Goals: To improve my freeflying so that I can get on the "good loads", and to learn how to fly my plane!
Favorite Product: Packers for skydiving canopies!! Especially ones that pack good landings :-)
Purusha Crocitto
Manager, Square1 Elsinore Pro Shop
Nickname: Purple Patty
Total Number of Jumps: 4,000+
Preferred Methods of Flight: RW & Freestyle
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): I have the most fun with my two beautiful Bichon Frise dogs, Little Dove and Moon Feather, who share my passion for life! Some of my favorite things are singing, dancing, skating, drumming (Elsinore drum circles are really hot), meditating, chanting sacred mantra's in Sanskrit, bike riding, and walking with my dogs, of course.
Personal Accomplishments:
- Invented the concept (early 1970's) of freestyle w/ camera.
- My first "freefall ballet" performed on ABC Wide World of Sports "Women in Sports Special" hosted by Billy Jean King of tennis fame 1974.
- Drop Zone Manager, Skydiver Elsinore through 1993.
- Member Screen Actors Guild for Skydiving in various commercials and films.
Skydiving Accomplishments:
- Pioneer Woman in the sport, I made my first jump in March 1964.
- Organizer and world record holder of numerous RW firsts including: large star formations, snowflakes and formations other than rounds, Night RW records (first 12, 16, 20, etc.), and Women's RW records starting with the first 5-way in 1969.
- Instructor and Jumpmaster since 1970, and later AFF-I and JM.
- Drop Zone Safety Officer
- Gold Medal 10-way National Champion
- Ratings: D- 1696, SCR-118, SCS-55, WSCR-8, WSCS-1, NSCR-19
- Guinness Book of World Records-1974-1982: Most Accomplished Woman
- 39th person to receive 12hr freefall medal (and the first person to do it in less than 1000 jumps!)
- First woman certified as AFF-I/JM - January 1983
Favorite Quote: "Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream of things that have never been and ask, why not?" -George Bernard Shaw
Comments: Love is the reason why!
Future Goals: To keep evolving in every phase of my life.
Dave Span
Manager, Square1 Perris Pro Shop
Total Number of Jumps: 3,200+
Preferred Methods of Flight: Whatever seems like a good idea that day
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Swimming, working out
Personal Accomplishments:
- Earning my Bachelor's in mathematics in 1998 from University of Cincinnati after a long and lengthy undergraduate career (7 years!!)
- Not having student loans when finally graduated
- Earning another Bachelor's degree 1 year later
- Master's in Education - 2000
- Who's Who in Education - 2002
- Finding my wife, Kellie
- Not driving my parents over the edge of sanity (yet)
Skydiving Accomplishments:
- Bronze medal w/ Perris Voltage, 4-Way Advanced 2006
- Bronze medal w/ Perris Four Squared, 16-way 2006
- AFF, Tandem, Static Line and Pro Rating
- Senior Rigger
Favorite Quote: "No Sh_t, there I was..."
Comments: I like to find something enjoyable about every jump, whether it is a 4-way, hop-n-pop, 100-way, zoo load, light CRW, whatever. If you didn't have fun, you weren't paying attention.
Future Goals: Not drive my wife over the edge of sanity
Favorite Products: My Icon, Smart 120 and VX Icarus Extreme 99
Jackie Dineen
Sales Specialist & Product Procurement
Total Number of Jumps: 1,600+
Preferred Methods of Flight: RW
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Running, hiking, camping, K9 Search & Rescue, motorcycle riding
Personal Accomplishments:
- Eco Challenge Competitor '96
- Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro '97
- College track & field record holder at RCC 1991 in the 1,500, 3,000, & 5,000 meters; at UCR 1992 in the 10,000 meter
- SAR Tech II certificate
Skydiving Highlights:
- 118-way JFTC Women's World Record
- Bronze medal 8-way Open US Nationals w/ Passion8
- 6th Place at World Cup in Evora Portugal w/ Passion8
- Skydiving with Airspeed at Pres. George Bush's 75th Birthday jump in front of his Persidential library in College Station, TX
Favorite Quote: I have a whole book full of them, but one of them is: "Move boldly towards your wildest dream, take the labels off your mind and step boldly into your greatness." -- Iyanla
Comments: It's time to get back in the air!
Future Goals: In skydiving - to be on the next JFTC Women's World Record and be on one of the World Team World Record formations. In my personal life - to have my dogs get certified in Search & Rescue
Kristian Caulder
Sales Specialist & Internet Sales
Total Number of Jumps: 1,000+
Preferred Methods of Flight: Camera & Freefly
My Gear:
Container - Mirage G4
Main - Sabre2 135
Reserve - Smart 135
AAD - Pull Right/Pull Left
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Creating music, creating art, political activism, biking, hiking, camping
Personal Accomplishments: To date, the work that has brought me the most reward is the work I've done for Dr. Ron Paul's freedom movement... R3VOLUTION!
Skydiving Highlights: The whole, collective experience is a highlight...
Favorite Quote: "esse quam videri" - To be, rather than to seem...
Future Goals: Filming the World Team dives in Thailand... by the time I get there, they'll be putting a thousand jumpers in the air :-)
Jen Domenico width=
Marketing Manager, Graphic Artist, Webmaster
Total Number of Jumps: 1,700+
Preferred Methods of Flight: 4-Way & 8-Way FS, Camera
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Training in the wind tunnel, working out, archery, fishing, skiing
Personal Accomplishments:
-Earned my MBA at UCLA (class of 2005) while working full time
-Summited Mt. Shasta (14,182 ft)
-Held finance & marketing positions at 4 major motion picture studios before "retiring" at the age of 31
-Attended the 69th Annual Academy Awards as part of the marketing team for Fine Line Features/New Line Cinema, where our film was nominated for 7 Academy Awards, and won Best Actor (and yes, I got to hold the Oscar)
Skydiving Highlights: Making my living in the sport; administering P3 Big-Way Events where I have met and jumped with hundreds of very cool people from all over the world (you know who you are!); 2 Bronze medals in 8-way, 2006 & 2007 US Nationals; and, of course, training 4-way at Perris is always a highlight!
Favorite Quote: "If you're going to do it, don't think about it; if you're going to think about it, don't do it." -- Mike McGowan
Comments: Always try to be something you're not, that's how we become... Just food for thought.
Future Goals: Compete on the US women's 4-way team at the World Meet; set a World Record in skydiving; assist in the organization of Project 500; raise a family one of these days; be in the best shape of my life everyday, beginning today!
Favorite Products: I love my Crossfire2 99 and my Bev Suit, and I couldn't survive those cold winter months without my Square One Heavy-Weight Winter Gloves!
Tom Newport-Tinley
Manager, Shipping Department
Total Number of Jumps: 8
Preferred Methods of Flight: 1st Class
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Surfing, Poker, Buddhism, Travel, Tattoos
Personal Accomplishments: Was in top 5% of UK High School Graduates; played in 1st team for Rugby, Hockey and Cricket; played in school Orchestra (Cello and Flute); Reiki Level 1 healer; UK qualified First Aider and qualified life saver (although now I'd probably be the one who drowned first!); won Pechanga $25 poker tournament, along with assorted online tournament victories; many scout badges, a couple of Judo belts; can ride a horse bareback and juggle - any good?
Skydiving Highlights: 3-way in tunnel with Clint and Leslee on 2nd time in tunnel :-). That was fun...
Favorite Quote: "Nam myoho renge kyo"
Comments: Peace, blue skies and live cards :-)
Future Goals: Help Square1 continue to go from strength to strength, finish AFF, ride a tube, buy a house, have kids, travel some more, meet the Dalai Lama, grow into the most stupidly happy married old bloke you'll ever meet.
Duane Hall
Sales, Square1 Perris Pro Shop
Total Number of Jumps: 4,600+
Preferred Methods of Flight: Freeflying, Ground Launching/Speedflying & Swooping
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Spending time with my little girl Zaeda, surfing, downhill skateboarding, videography, golf, fishing, and just about any activity that is outdoors
Personal Accomplishments: Having the most beautiful little baby ever!; helped with bringing Ground Launching/Speedflying up as a new sport; winning the first Ground Launching/Speedflying event
Skydiving Accomplishments: Becoming a Pro-rated pilot and competing in the most difficult discipline in our sport today!!!
Skydiving Highlights: Traveling to different DZ's, having the time of my life and meeting some of the coolest people
Favorite Quote: Never say Die
Future Goals: Be the best father ever to my little girl Zaeda
Kevin Reynolds
Total Number of Jumps: 30 minutes tunnel time!
Preferred Methods of Flight: Wind Tunnel at Perris!
Interests & Activities (other than skydiving!): Writing/playing music, writing poetry, surfing
Personal Accomplishments:
I'm raising 4 kids
Published my first poem in 2003
I have been in the skydiving industry for 10 years and somehow remained a whuffo!
Skydiving Highlights: Working for Square One
Favorite Quote: "Feed me, or feed me to something, I just want to be part of the food chain"

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