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Icarus Reserve

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Icarus Reserve Your last line of defense!

The ICARUS Reserve complements the world renowned ICARUS main canopies like the SAFIRE 2, the CROSSFIRE 2, the OMEGA, the OMNI, the ICARUS Tandem, the EXTREME FX, the EXTREME VX offering a complete canopy solution for every modern skydiver and canopy pilot. Following its vision to design and develop the finest state-of-the-art wings, ICARUS Canopies is offering the ICARUS Reserve with the highest construction standards and impressive performance that will satisfy the high demands of today's skydivers. ICARUS Canopies has successfully completed the ETSO-C23d by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and TSO-C23d (FAA) testing and certification process, complying with the latest and highest requirements for safety and performance in the industry.

Years of intensive field trial and use within rough military environments have proven the outstanding strength and reliability of the ICARUS Reserve in emergency situations where trust and effectiveness are required.

ICARUS Canopies has gone again ONE STEP AHEAD and has designed a state-of-the-art wing that provides fast, accurate and reliable openings as well as unique flight characteristics for a reserve canopy. From the safety and reliability of the opening, the jumper continues his/her flight under the ICARUS Reserve , with unparalleled flight and landing performance.

The ICARUS Reserve is a 7-cell canopy made of low porosity fabric and Spectra lines for reduced pack volume. Sizes are available from 99 to 279 sq. ft (no custom sizes).

The ICARUS Reserve is only available in WHITE.


Icarus Reserve Specs

Item Number Description Price Square One
Quantity Add to Cart
I-7502100 IC Reserve 99 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502150 IC Reserve 109 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502200 IC Reserve 119 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502250 IC Reserve 129 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502300 IC Reserve 139 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502400 IC Reserve 149 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502500 IC Reserve 169 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502600 IC Reserve 189 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502700 IC Reserve 219 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502800 IC Reserve 239 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
I-7502900 IC Reserve 259 1,295.00 1,253.56 cart
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