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In 1994, United Parachute Techologies unveiled the Vector 3 Harness/Container system. This new design incorporated concepts that originated through years of research and development, and was introduced to meet the demands of modern SkyFlying.


In 1999, using the latest technology and the knowledge gained in building the Vector 3, United Parachute Technologies designed a container system aimed towards the growing trend of smaller canopies. The Micron container incorporates an entirely velcro-less design and is shorter and narrower than the Vector 3 container. The main pin flap's closing, from the bottom up, protects the pin better, particularly while moving around in the aircraft and during freestyle maneuvers. The Uni-Body construction, while providing a smoother contour profile, also creates a pocketed corner, which safely routes the main bridle to the bottom of the container. This feature is built into the reserve container and protects it during unstable openings. No matter which main pilot chute location you choose, the bridle will be safely hidden and snag-proof. The ergonomically designed harness curves over your shoulders nicely. It provides greater comfort and fits narrow shoulders well. The harness is also stronger as a result of improved confluence construction. The Micron has an overall cleaner look, and a more protective design with a tailored and comfortable fit.
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In February of 2002, United Parachute Technologies introduced the Vector 3 M-Series, an update to the "classic" Vector 3. The M-Series improves the function of the Vector 3 riser covers, pin protection, comfort, the operation of the three-ring release system, and is designed to accommodate larger canopy sizes to that of the Micron.
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Vector 3 Standard Features Include:

  • Standard or V-Split Color Pattern
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Contoured Yoke
  • Superior Pin Protection
  • Full Pocketed Corners
  • TruLok Toggles
  • 1 Sidewall Embroidery
  • AAD Setup
  • Riser Housing Inserts

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Item Number Description Price Square One
Quantity Add to Cart
I-5100003 UPT V3 Micron/M-Series H/C 2,693.00 2,019.75 cart

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Vector 3 Micron and M-Series Options
from United Parachute Technologies

Optional items help make your new Vector 3 Micron or M-Series uniquely yours. From purely cosmetic options to performance enhancing options, United Parachute Technologies offers all the most popular harness/container options. As always, feel free to call or email Square One with any questions!

Split Check out the new Split Color Options from United Parachute Technologies!

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-5100001 UPT RSL 95.00 cart
I-5100002 UPT Skyhook RSL 263.00 cart
I-5100007 UPT Carry Handle 37.00 cart
I-5100015 UPT Louie Loop 27.00 cart
I-5100020 UPT Magnetic Riser Covers (Included) 0.00 cart
I-5100030 UPT Padded Stabilizers 37.00 cart
I-5100040 UPT Semi Stowless Bag 65.00 cart
I-5100065 UPT V3 Center Flap Piping 69.00 cart
I-5100092 UPT Monogram RC (UPT Logo Only) 11.00 cart
I-5100095 UPT Monogram Sidewall (UPT Logo Only) 16.00 cart
I-5100097 UPT Custom Logo Digitizing & Embroidery (Min Chg) 85.00 cart
I-5100098 UPT Custom Name/Logo Embroidery (starting at) 37.00 cart
I-5100105 UPT B-12 Snaps 51.00 cart
I-5100125 UPT Alum. Hook Knife 27.00 cart
I-5100126 UPT Poly. Hook Knife 11.00 cart
I-5100127 UPT Freefly Mod 11.00 cart
I-5100135 UPT Pull-Out Handle 37.00 cart
I-5100140 UPT Hackey Handle 32.00 cart
I-5100143 UPT Freefly Pud Handle 37.00 cart
I-5100145 UPT Monkey Fist Handle 53.00 cart
I-5100155 UPT Soft Reserve Handle 42.00 cart
I-5100165 UPT Split Color (excluding V-Split) 210.00 cart
I-5100220 UPT Variable Geometry Harness 210.00 cart
I-5100225 UPT Deluxe Backpad (Included) 0.00 cart
I-5100227 UPT 3D Backpad & Leg pads 158.00 cart

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