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Pro-Track... Audible Altimeter & Freefall Computer

Pro-Track PRO-TRACK is the most advanced, user friendly, and accessible audible altimeter/electronic logbook/freefall computer available to skydivers.

The PRO-TRACK is everything you would ever want in an audible altimeter. New technology advances in speed calculation have been developed by Larsen & Brusgaard so that skydivers can now record and compare their freefall speeds accurately.

Although information collected by PRO-TRACK can be easily viewed on its large LCD view screen, PRO-TRACK in combination with the Jump Track Logbook Software and PC Interface allows the skydiver to download information collected to a PC computer and have a graphical record of extremely detailed freefall information.


  • 3 selectable warning altitudes
  • 1st & 2nd warnings: different pulsating tones
  • 3 warning pre-set memory banks (AFF, Freefly, RW, etc.)
  • 3rd warning: high pitched siren!
  • Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 warnings
  • Same size as the Pro-Dytter (2 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 1/2")
  • Choice of LO or HI warning alarm volume
  • Choice of display readings in mph and ft/sec, or km/h and m/sec
  • Choice of altitude readings in feet or meters
  • Previously accumulated freefall time and number of jumps can be programmed into the PRO-TRACK
  • Choice of Economy and Automatic modes to conserve battery
  • No data is lost when replacing batteries
  • Accumulates the total number of jumps and freefall time up to 10,000 jumps.
  • Continuously stores detailed information about the last 200 jumps, including: date, jump number, dive type, exit altitude, opening altitude, and freefall time.
  • 4 different speed information readings for: maximum speed achieved, average freefall speed for the dive, average speed of the first half of the dive, and average speed of the second half of the dive.
  • All data is instantly available on a large LCD view screen. NO NEED TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP TO THE DZ where it could be lost, damaged or stolen!
  • Detailed jump profiles for the last 10 jumps can be downloaded to a PC with the DATA-TRACK PC Interface accessory
  • Add your comments, store and synchronize video and stills too
  • Print reports & manipulate data
  • Spare set of batteries included

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-3510500 L&B Pro Track Black 339.00 cart
I-3510530 L&B USB-To-Serial Adaptor 32.00 cart
I-3510550 L&B Jump Track 3 (Pro Track) 99.00 cart

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N3 N3 is the latest generation digital altimeter from Alti-2 which can be used as either an audible or visual altimeter. N3 features:


  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Toughened glass lens
  • Clickable flush buttons
  • USB rechargeable
  • USB interface to PC
  • Waterproof up to six feet for up to one hour


  • Eight selectable alarm groups
  • Alarms can be set as freefall or canopy alarms
  • The Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU) can be used to create up to 32 custom alarm names
  • Alarm tones can be customized using the NMU
  • Canopy alarms include approach alarms leading up to the selected alarm altitude
  • Canopy alarms can be set to loud for those who wish to hear them from their wrist


  • Logs 200+ jump profiles and 2,500+ jump summaries
  • Jump odometer
  • Up to 32 drop zone and aircraft names can be entered using the NMU
  • Time under canopy and freefall time are logged


  • Time can be set to 12 or 24 hour format
  • Date can be set to USA or International format
  • Temperature can be displayed in F or C
  • Speed can be displayed in mph or kmh
  • LCD may be flipped
  • Menu scrolls and wraps

Available in black and silver.

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-3504000 N3 - Black 359.00 cart
I-3504010 N3 - Silver 359.00 cart

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Optima II... Lights, Jumps and Swoops!

Optima II L&B has listened to skydivers across the globe and has answered the call with OPTIMA II™! The OPTIMA II™ is a more advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection.

OPTIMA II™ is so accurate that it has an added set of warning beeps that can be set for a specific altitude during normal and high speed landing approaches. This feature has been added to aid both swoopers and conservative pilots alike find the “sweet spot” for initiating landing sequences. It is recommended that your eyesight and your experience be the primary source of determining at what altitude to start your landing sequence or pattern approaches.

Hail the return of the visual warning light for audible altimeters! L&B has made the ability to increase your altitude awareness by adding a visual LED port (sold separately) to warn you at the altitudes you set.


  • Thin, ergonomic, comfortable curved design
  • Actual dimensions: 2 3/16" x 1 5/8" x 3/8" (56 x 41 x 11 mm)
  • Durable rubberized coating
  • LCD for easy and intuitive operation
  • 3 selectable warning altitudes
  • 1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones
  • 3rd warning: High pitched siren
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings
  • Change warning alarm volume
  • Individual freefall & canopy flight volume control settings
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings
  • SWOOP warning bank featuring unique sequence of beeps to assist entering optimum swoop corridor
  • Seven step warning pitch
  • Easy and quick to set on the ground or in the aircraft and if the DZ elevation differs from that of the airport
  • Feet/Meter selection
  • Altitude selection interval: 10 Ft.
  • VISUAL connection for flashing LED (sold separately)
  • Displays present altitude during climb
  • Built-in clock
  • On/off mode
  • Built-in mounting holes; fits any helmet, inside or outside
  • Long lasting, easy to find batteries

Available in BLACK only.

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-3510020 L&B Optima II Black 257.00 cart
I-3510100 L&B Optima II w/LED connection port 319.00 cart

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Neoxs The latest instrument design from Parasport, the Neoxs is the next generation microprocessor based audible altimeter. Its innovative styling features an aluminum case, a single ergonomic navigation switch, and an intuitive widescreen LCD user interface. Multiple low speed altitude warnings make the Neoxs the perfect audible instrument solution for the high-performance canopy pilot.


  • Real time altitude indicator
  • Up to 3 separate freefall warnings
  • Freefall altitude selection increment: 100ft (goes off only at freefall speeds)
  • Up to 3 separate low speed altitude warnings
  • Low speed altitude selection increment: 10ft
  • Distinct and easily recognizable signals
  • Countdown timer
  • Up to 4 customizable user profiles
  • Self-calibration and self-test
  • No power-on
  • Ultra low consumption
  • Easily programmable on the ground or in the air

Available Colors: Lava Red, Aluminum Grey, and Night Black
You must specify color in the notes upon ordering.

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-3542000 Neoxs (Parasport) Audible (color) 191.00 cart

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Solo II... Tons more for LESS!

Solo II All new software and design to make the world’s favorite audible altimeter even easier to use with the quality construction and accuracy you have come to expect from Larsen & Brusgaard.

The SOLO II™ is an extremely accurate audible altimeter. Through years of research, L&B has built an audible altimeter that is extremely reliable and accurate. We make it easy for you!

Developed with all skydiving disciplines in mind, the SOLO II™, when combined with our ALTITRACK™ visual altimeter and data recorder makes a perfect combination for all of your altitude awareness needs.


  • Completely redesigned
  • Durable WATER RESISTANT rubberized coating
  • Upgraded circuit board & sensors
  • Super-thin, ergonomic, comfortable, curved design
  • 3 selectable warning altitudes
  • 1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones
  • 3rd warning: High pitched siren
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings
  • Easy and quick to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Altitude selection interval: 500 Ft.
  • On/off mode
  • Built-in mounting holes; fits any headgear, inside or outside
  • Uses CR 2325 batteries that last for 100s of skydives.

Available in BLACK only.

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-3510010 L&B Solo II Black 213.00 cart

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