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Introducing the newly designed Infinity parachute harness/container system from Velocity Sports Equipment.

The Infinity harness/container system was designed with two basic concepts in mind: safety and performance. An emphasis has been placed on increased security of the pin cover flaps and riser covers, an additional main riser cover is incorporated into the reserve container side flap, a redesigned reserve pilot chute for better launch and higher drag, and the standard Reserve Static Line (RSL) is Velcro-free and concealed for maximum snag resistance.

Only the most advanced construction techniques and the finest quality materials go into each and every Infinity harness/container system.

So, whether you're into relative work, freestyle, freeflying, or skysurfing, Infinity offers the only logical choice when choosing a first class, quality built, and affordable harness/container system.

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Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-5670000 VSE Infinity H/C 2,149.00 cart

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Infinity Options
from Velocity Sports Equipment

Add custom options to make your new Infinity uniquely yours! Please call or email Square One if you have any questions!

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-5670100 VSE Kill-Line PC (N/C) 0.00 cart
I-5670105 VSE Wingsuit Bridle (2 ft. extension) 10.00 cart
I-5670115 VSE Double Wide Legstraps 35.00 cart
I-5670135 VSE Freefly Pud 35.00 cart
I-5670140 VSE Custom Length Main Risers 10.00 cart
I-5670143 VSE Upgrade Risers, Swoop Loops 30.00 cart
I-5670145 VSE Upgrade Risers, Competition 60.00 cart
I-5670150 VSE B-12 Snaps 60.00 cart
I-5670155 VSE Long Chest Strap 10.00 cart
I-5670160 VSE Removable Belly Band 125.00 cart
I-5670200 VSE Main Flap Pinstripes ($12.50 each) 50.00 cart
I-5670205 VSE Off Colored Stitching or Binding Tape 50.00 cart
I-5670250 VSE Hip Rings 150.00 cart
I-5670270 VSE BLACK S/S 3-Rings 250.00 cart
I-5670275 VSE BLACK S/S 3-Rings + Hip Rings 300.00 cart
I-5670280 VSE BLACK S/S 3-Rings + Hip Rings + Chest Rings 350.00 cart
I-5670300 VSE S/S 3-Rings 200.00 cart
I-5670350 VSE S/S 3-Rings + Hip Rings 250.00 cart
I-5670400 VSE Soft Reserve Handle 65.00 cart
I-5670450 VSE Alum. Hook Knife 35.00 cart
I-5670500 VSE Main Ripcord Set Up w/Spring Loaded P/C 300.00 cart
I-5670600 VSE Custom Embroidery (variable pricing) 35.00 cart
I-5670910 VSE Rush Fee 300.00 cart

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