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Velocity Eye The Velocity is intended only for very experienced pilots who have already flown a small elliptical canopy for several skydiving seasons, and consider themselves very current and very proficient. If this doesn't describe you, keep jumping and keep learning, but stay away from the Velocity, especially if it's a smaller canopy than you're used to. If you decide to go for it, we suggest you make several solo jumps on the Velocity opening above 6000 feet, or higher if it's a small one. This should give you the freedom to really explore the canopy unencumbered by other traffic.

The Velocity has the largest flight speed range of any canopy ever jumped. It is an absolute blast to fly. It responds very quickly to toggle, riser, or harness movements, and feels very "connected" to your body. Its cross-braced structure makes it feel very rigid. The swoops on a Velocity are the longest we've seen from any canopy, especially when using a smooth aggressive approach. The Velocity lands great, even at the maximum placarded wing loading, after a normal straight-in approach without front risers. There should be no problem using very conservative straight-in approaches in the beginning, especially if you've done a few recently on your present canopy of similar size. The flight performance information below assumes the canopy size is the same as what you're used to. Obviously, things happen much faster than described when down sizing.

Warning! Before purchasing or jumping a PD Velocity, please read the Performance Characteristics of the PD Velocity!!!!!

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Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-737000 PD Velocity 79 3,025.00 cart
I-737100 PD Velocity 84 3,025.00 cart
I-737200 PD Velocity 90 3,025.00 cart
I-737300 PD Velocity 96 3,025.00 cart
I-737400 PD Velocity 103 3,025.00 cart
I-737500 PD Velocity 111 3,025.00 cart
I-737600 PD Velocity 120 3,025.00 cart
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