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Catalog #DescriptionPriceImage
1005215-032Icon I-4 Black With Teal Reserve Flaps DOM 12/07 Holds 150 Main/143 Reserve 18" Medium Harness$1500id
1005215-028Javelin Odyssey RSK.5 Black With Grey Trim DOM 1/03 Holds 107 Main/113 Reserve C-16" Medium Harness$1500id
1005215-009Javelin RSK1 80 Jumps Black With Royal Blue DOM 10/09 Holds 120 Main/113 Reserve C-18" Medium Harness$2200id
1005215-008Vector3 V308 400 Jumps Grey/White Lightning Bolt Pattern DOM 6/03 Holds 135 Main/126 Reserve 16.5" Medium Harness$2200id
1005214-112Infinity I-22SN 80 Jumps Tan With Camo Reserve Flaps DOM 8/10 Holds 120 Main/126 Reserve 16" Medium Harness$1900id
1005214-111Infinity I-22SN 10 Jumps Tan Camo DOM 12/11 Holds 120 Main/126 Reserve 20" Large Harness$2300id
1005214-110Infinity I-11SN 5 Jumps Silver With Liquid Sky Neon Animal Print DOM 12/11 Holds 107 Main/113 Reserve 16" Medium Harness$2100id
1005213-045Infinity I-33 200 Jumps Green/Grey Tie Dye DOM 5/00 Holds 150 Main/143 Reserve 17" Medium Harness$1200id
1005212-083Vector Micron V306 300 Jumps Black With Silver DOM 7/01 Holds 120 Main/113 Reserve 16.5 Medium Harness$1100id
1005210-030Vector3 V340 200 Jumps Navy With Rainbow Stripes DOM 9/98 Holds 150 Main/126 Reserve 14" Small Harness$900id

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