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Our team knows reserves.

We have been involved with the design and production of more sport reserves than any other group in our industry. When we set about designing a new reserve from concept, we used this experience to the fullest. Reserves are about a few important things: safety, reliability, and performance.

Our new reserve is tested far beyond the minimum requirements of the latest US TSO (c23d) as well as the European standards (JTSO). We manufacture the Smart under the strictest international quality management program (ISO 9001). Few, if any, other manufacturers currently hold this difficult certification. The Smart is constructed chordwise with additional spanwise reinforcement. After studying various failure modes of existing reserve designs, Aerodyne is the first manufacturer to incorporate radial reinforcement into the tail of the Smart reserve as well. All of this adds up to what we believe is the world’s strongest reserve.

Again after studying existing reserve designs, we found the aerodynamics in use to be quite out of step with current technology. This was no surprise, as there has not been a new sport reserve design in some time. Since the Smart reserve was developed from initial concept, we were not constrained. We applied the most modern aerodynamic solutions to the problems of reserve canopy deployment, flight and landing.

Of course pack volume was a concern as well. All of this technology is of little value, if the canopy will not fit into your reserve container. 

What does it all mean? Simple, the Smart is the state of the art in reserve canopies. Strength, reliability, and performance manufactured to the world’s highest standards. All of this technology and quality is available with a small pack volume, and is compatible with all modern harness/container systems. 

Is it time for a new reserve? If it is, we are confident you will make the Smart choice. The Smart reserve from Aerodyne.

Exciting features:

  • One of the few reserves approved under the latest  TSO-C23d as well as the European JTSO.
  • Tested far beyond the requirements for deployment weight and speed.
  • The Smart is manufactured under the strict ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • The only reserve with additional radial reinforcement in the tail section.
  • High lift wing and advanced aerodynamics provide maximum low-speed lift  for comfortable landings.
  • Peace of mind packed into the smallest possible container.
  • Available in a large range of sizes.
  • Small pack volume.