The Bonehead Standard Flat Top Camera Helmet
Please read before ordering your new Flat Top!
The Flat Top comes with a front mounted ‘L’ bracket for horizontal or vertical still pictures. Ringsight post is mounted only if specified. All the mounting hardware for a standard set-up (screws etc.) and a Custom Fit Kit with fitting instructions are included. Any camera boxes, ringsights, ringsight swivel or custom paint options are extra.
No extra charge for one color fading to carbon fiber, 1 Solid Color or Solid Carbon Fiber
Teal, Forest Green, Purple, Yellow, White, Red, Silver, Black or Royal Blue
  • Flames, one color, on Carbon Fiber add $100
  • Flames 2 color (Helmet color & 1 Flame color) add $130
  • Custom Colors and paint Designs, call for quote
  • Ringsight Swivel - This is the component that attaches the ringsight post to the post on the helmet.
  • Extra Top Plate - If you think you’ll want multiple set-ups that can be quickly changed out, this is the option for you.
  • Extra Liner - For multiple users or when the original wears out (500+ jumps)
  • Camera Strap - Neoprene lined strap to hold down a camera when a box is NOT used.
  • Shark Fin - A tall piece of carbon fiber used for vertically mounting a still camera or used with certain PC D-Boxes to make top mounting easy.
  • Camera Boxes - Camera models change so often, please call to see if a D-Box is available for your particular model. Palmcorder (TRV) Style cameras are best for top mounting, though there is no problem with the PC (upright) style cameras. These boxes protect the camera from lens strikes and some of the elements.

  • Quick Release - Stroboframe 300 QRC - Not available from Square One or Bonehead - get it at any discount camera store
  • Brent Finley Ringsight - for fine tuning your work.
  • Video Light Indicator – Lets you know when your recording. The CamEye II actually controls your Sony camera through the LANC port.
  • Ear To Ear-Hole in the ear, over the top of the head to the hole in the other ear
  • Chin to Back of Head-Tip of chin, over the nose to the back of the head. This point at the back of the head is the bump at the back of the head, just above where the skull recesses into the spine


Horizontal around at the eyebrows above the ears

Ringsight Post

Left or Right side post placement? If you do not know whether you are left or right eye dominant what eye do you use for taking pictures? What eye do you use to shoot a gun?

¼ inch or 6mm?
¼ inch if it is an American Standard Ringsight
(Brent Finley, Skydance, or a Lollypop). 6mm if is a Larsen and
Brusgards or Foreign ringsight.

Additional information

Specify any cameras you are mounting, special requests, or anything you might feel is pertinent to the order.

Do you have different size shells or are they all the same size?
The shells are all the same size. The liner system determines the helmets size.
I hear you have to do some baking to custom fit the helmets.
Do I bake the whole helmet or just the liner?
You only bake the liner.
The helmet doesn’t fit what should I do?
First add or take out liner pieces until the fit is too tight. Then proceed with the baking instructions. If you have baked it and it still does not fit then call us so we can assist you.
My Helmet fits great and I haven’t baked it yet, do I need to?
You should. Even if the helmet seems to fit great after baking it will fit that much better. It will conform to your head.
The right side of the helmet seems wider than the left, is it lopsided?
The right side of the helmet was built out a small amount in order to accommodate the hinge. You find that an extra piece of shim in the right side makes for a better fit.
How heavy is the Flat-Top Pro?
About 40 ounces with liner and top plate.
How large is the Top Plate?
The Standard Top Plate (with ‘L’ bracket) Measures 9.5 inches long x 7 inches wide. The Extended Top Plate Measures 11.5 inches long x 7 inches wide. Custom size plates are available.
Is the helmet easy to work on, what tools would I need?
Yes, the helmet is very easy to work on. A Dremel motor tool with a tungsten carbide bit works the best, however a regular drill works too, masking tape and an allen wrench set.
What is the angle of the top plate?
Approximately 0 Degrees

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