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The Soul Flyers Team is composed of four friends, who deal with challenging situations with a natural instinct and a great sense of the air. Val, Claud, Zoune and Loic each have their own speciality, which they share with other Soul Flyers to achieve the ultimate in shear breath taking footage.

In the expansive sand dunes of the Namibian desert, in Reunion islands intense nature and on the snow covered tracks of the Swiss Alps. The BASE sequences are even sharper and crazier, and Loic's amazing wingsuit flight. First, he refines his technique flying with the French canopy Relative work Team. Then he is ready for the most incredible human flight: on a snow covered dome in Verbier, witness his shadow testify to his proximity to the ground..... AWESOME FOOTAGE!

Available in NTSC and PAL formats.

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I-2401100 NLA 9/16/10 - DVD Soul Flyer NTSC 35.00 cart
I-2401150 DVD Soul Flyer PAL - last of stock 35.00 cart
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