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FireboltLike no other caopy. loaded (.5 or .6 pounds per sq. ft.), it can be a beginner canopy. When heavily loaded (2.3 pounds per sq. ft. to 1.7 pounds per sq. ft.) it is a high performance canopy that will easily out swoop a Stiletto or other semi-elliptical canopy. When loaded from .85 pounds per square foot to 1.6 or so, it is a great all-around canopy, capable of slow flight with lots of stability and great toggling range. It was created in 3-D, so the dimensions of the skins and lines lengths are extremely accurate, and the characteristics were completely predictable. So when you ask "what can it be compared to?" the answer is: Triathlon when lightly loaded, Stiletto/Spectre/Icarus Crossfire when loaded "mid weight", and Icarus Extreme/Velocity when heavily loaded. Yes, it's really that versatile!

While the FireBolt plan form is new to Ram Air parachutes it is not new to aeronautics. It has long since been known that the fully elliptical wing is the most efficient. While there have been previous attempts to utilize this most desirable of wing forms they have resulted in compromise because of design stumbling blocks. This new technology is accomplished though the use of 3D modeling in a CAD system. It is not so much as what we did but how we did it. How we approached the design task. It took over two years and hundreds of test jumps to achieve all of the goals set out in the design challenge.

It is one thing to make a canopy fly well and another to make it open well. Part of the success in the openings was designed into the basic canopy configuration and the rest was just the hard work of trial and error

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