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Trusted by the world's best.

With the Icon, Aerodyne's engineers have shown that security, durability and functionality can come to you in a harness-container system that is pleasing to the eye and very comfortable to wear.

In freefall it is good to know you have a rig on your back. But when you wear an Icon you will want to check again, that’s how comfortable the fit is! Similarly the Icon greatly contributes to your appreciation of the canopy flight. It carries you in a way that supports your body in a natural sitting position and offers you maximum movement for canopy maneuvering.

The reserve container uses proven technology with a 5 flap configuration, one of the strongest pilotchutes in the industry and the AAD cutter directly under the pilotchute on the kicker plate flap. With the closing loop tunnel in the freebag, it is very rigger friendly as well.

The Icon is the only rig in the world to use the miniforce™ 3-ring system. The elongated middle ring makes it easier to cut away, due to the improved lever effect. It reduces the pull force required to cut away by about 30% compared to other mini 3-ring systems.

The Icon can handle high speeds in all freefall positions. Plastic tuck flaps are used for pin protection, bridles are fully covered, guided into the main container with special “no catch” panels and all this without the use of Velcro.

Compare the Icon with any other rig on the market and you will recognize the extreme high value for money. All popular features are standard included in the base price. Also standard is the large selection of fabrics, colors and logo embroidery, which allow you to design the best looking rig in the world!

The ICON PRO model comes standard with:

  • Aerodyne’s innovative and patented stainless steel miniforce™ 3-ring system
  • Articulated harness with hip rings and all stainless steel hardware.
  • Elastic bungee between the leg pads, to keep the leg pads in place during free fly manoeuvres.
  • Standard wide chest strap.
  • Smaller container sizes (I1, I2, I3 and I4) come standard with cut-in lateral back straps.
  • Protective panels near the bottom of the reserve container.
  • Protective main closing loop compartment.
  • Bottom of container pouch for hand deployed pilot chute.
  • Hand deployed pilot chute with kill line bridle.
  • The size of the hand deployed pilot chute is matched with the main container size.
  • Main deployment bag.
  • Innovative reserve freebag with spring-loaded pilot chute.
  • Stainless steel reserve ripcord.
  • Pillow model cutaway handle with conduit insert for improved grip.
  • Mini-risers (length is 20 inch or 51 cm) with velcroless toggles and equipped with stainless steel ring for RSL use.
  • Unique stainless steel hook knife located under left hand 3-ring cover.
  • AAD ready, cutter is placed on the kicker plate flap directly below the pilot chute.
  • Icon embroidery on right hand 3 ring cover.
  • Your choice of logo embroidery on side walls.

The following VARIANTS are available at NO additional charge:

  • Choice of custom colors.
  • 1 inch narrow chest strap.
  • Parapack, Cordura, or Spacerfoam backpad.
  • Chest rings for improved harness articulation.
  • Hackey sack handle on hand deployed pilot chute.
  • Freefly handle on hand deployed pilot chute.

The following OPTIONS are available at additional charge:

  • Skyhook RSL system.
  • Soft pad reserve ripcord handle with conduit insert for improved grip.
  • Custom embroidery on side walls and left hand 3-ring cover.

Please call or email Square One for details.

Item Number Description Price Square One
Quantity Add to Cart
I-5500000 AD Icon V 3,700.00 3,145.00 cart

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Container sizes... I... Browse Stock... I... Order Custom

The no nonsense answer to quality and comfort.

Skydivers worldwide are enjoying the Icon Pro™ with its durable, quality construction; popular features included standard; unsurpassed comfort, and good looks — all at a reasonable, up-front price.

Aerodyne has now created the Icon Sport™. It is attractively priced for the skydiver who is looking for a great looking, functional, durable, and comfortable harness and container system without all the extras.

Aerodyne has achieved that with a non-articulated harness that still provides flexibility and comfort on the ground, in the plane, and under canopy. Even without the articulated chest or hip rings, you will still get all stainless steel hardware, including the Miniforce™ 3-ring system, and the same comfortable container on your back with cut-in laterals and a contoured yoke that conform to your body for a secure but relaxed fit. The signature Aerodyne “A” on the reserve and center flaps from the Icon Pro™ has been relocated to the center flap only, allowing for more simplified production; contributing to the streamline pricing.

The ICON SPORT model comes standard with:

  • Aerodyne’s innovative and patented stainless steel MiniforceTM 3-ring system
  • Your choice of type 8 wide chest strap or type 17 narrow chest strap
  • 22” type17 mini-risers with velcroless toggles, excess line stowage, and stainless steel ring for RSL use (optional lengths include 18”, 19”, 20” and 24”)
  • RSL lanyard
  • AAD ready with pouch, channels, and closing loop
  • Protective panels near bottom of reserve container to ensure clean main riser and line clearance
  • BOC pouch for hand deployed pilot chute
  • Hand deployed, collapsible pilot chute with your choice of F111 or ZP; hacky, freefly, or plastic handle. Main pc color choices are white or black with black hackey or freefly handle.
  • Freefly friendly riser covers and main and reserve pin protection
  • Choice of cordura or ballistic container and backpad material in black
  • Choice of arrow color and embroidery colors
  • Aerodyne embroidery on left ring cover
  • Aerodyne Icon SportTM embroidery on side walls

Options available for an additional charge:

  • Soft pad reserve handle
  • Custom embroidery on right ring cover or handles
  • Wing suit configuration

Please call or email Square One for details.

Item Number Description Price Square One
Quantity Add to Cart
I-5500005 AD Icon 2,305.00 2,074.50 cart

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Icon Options
from Aerodyne

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-5500010 AD Hackey Handle (Student only) 30.00 cart
I-5500020 AD Freefly Handle (included) 0.00 cart
I-5500030 AD RSL (included) 0.00 cart
I-5500035 AD Skyhook RSL (V, A, Icon & Student) 275.00 cart
I-5500040 AD Soft Reserve Handle (A & Icon) 80.00 cart
I-5500050 AD Custom Embroidery Sidewall (+ Digitization, if needed) 50.00 cart
I-5500075 AD Pinstripes Center Flap ($25 each) 50.00 cart
I-5500076 AD Pinstripes Reserve Pin Flap ($25 each) 50.00 cart
I-5500077 AD Pinstripes on Sidewalls ($30 each) 60.00 cart
I-780310 AD Risers w/ Toggles S/S 185.00 cart

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