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Introducing the Racer parachute harness/container system from Jump Shack.

The Racer series of sport, tactical and tandem harness/container systems is based upon principals which represent the state of the art in mature system design. This line of equipment has been in the field for over 27 years with no major recalls or modifications. Your harness and container is your "Safety System" and as such should garner much of your consideration. Our system mechanics are proven, over fourty thousand customers will vouch for that. With the fastest reserve and the strongest harness why would anyone want anything else? With our incredible number of available options, you can get a rig that's made exactly to your specifications. We design the fit of the harness to your body then we select or design containers to fit your canopies then we combine them to produce sheer comfort. With over 50 container combinations already on the books and an eleven harness sizes to choose from we are famous for our comfort. Our reserve deployment is second to none; we consistently deploy our reserve in half the vertical distance required by most of our competitors. It is not just the external mounting of the pilot chute that makes our deployments so fast it is also the design of the pilot chute itself. Our pilot chute was tested at NASA Ames and found to have a CD of .83, the highest drag efficiency of any pilot chute tested. Over the shoulder sizing on the Racer is unique. We vary this size by one and a half inches from small to medium then again for medium to large. You wouldn't want a large suit of clothes that had a small yoke would you? Racers are lightweight they are in fact the lightest of any rig on the market. How can we be the lightest and the strongest at the same time? Simple we use MIL Spec material and uni-body construction. This technique provides for less fabric to be used and the Mil spec requires stronger fabric. Therefore it is lighter and stronger. Part of that stronger material is the "Black" trace type 13 webbing. We don't use the cheaper yellow trace webbing it isn't strong enough. The hardware used on today's rigs was originally designed for use with cotton webbing. Nylon webbing was developed and Type 13 was designed to replace the cotton webbing and to be compatible with the hardware so as not to slip. The yellow trace type 7 was intended for cargo harnesses. Additionally, our harness is "Fail Safe" in that if the lower stitch pattern were to fail the wearer would not be released. Other designs don't allow for this possibility. At Parachute Labs, we have established our priorities to list safety first and our record shows just that. A no compromise design that has stood the test of time. The only sport rig to be approved for use in British Military aircraft.

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