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A new breed.
Performance Designs' Katana is a high-performance canopy designed for experienced canopy pilots. The Katana has been described as “a perfect fit between the Stiletto and Velocity,” and a canopy that is “very suited to modern flying styles.” Like the PD Stiletto, the Katana is a highly tapered or “elliptical” nine-cell canopy made from zero-porosity fabric. Both the Stiletto and the Katana were designed using a conventional cell structure, without cross-braces or airlocks™ . The Katana may look similar to a Stiletto at first glance, but beneath the surface they are two completely different machines. “……I love the way the Katana dives. It's easier to control all the way through a front riser approach, and feels a lot smoother to me than the Stiletto…..” The Katana is very easy to control using front risers. The front riser pressure starts off very light, and tends to build up slowly. It is easy to keep the Katana in a front riser dive or diving turn, and to make adjustments to your turn rate and rate of descent while diving. By comparison, the Stiletto's front riser pressure starts out noticeably higher and builds up more quickly. “……It's geared towards a pilot who enjoys a responsive canopy that has the characteristics of an ‘elliptical' wing. The turning characteristics, spirals, low-speed lift, and other characteristics associated with an ‘elliptical' wing are all there and all very refined…...” “….The Katana holds a dive longer than the Stiletto after a front riser or toggle turn. People who make high-performance approaches can start their turns higher and have more time to make adjustments…..” “…..Front riser pressure is very comfortable. Compared to a Velocity, it feels like I can just hold the fronts and do whatever degree of rotation I want…...” The Performance Designs Katana… the evolution of performance!

flight characteristics



CANOPY MODEL AREA (SQ. FT.) MIN. (Lbs.) STUDENT (Lbs.) NOVICE (Lbs.) INT (Lbs.) ADV (Lbs.) EXP (Lbs.) MAX. (Lbs.) SPAN (FT.) CHORD (Root/Tip) (FT.) ASPECT RATIO
Katana-083 83 VLC N/S N/S N/S 107 142 160 15.08 5.94/4.64 2.74:1
Katana-89 89 VLC N/S N/S N/S 116 155 175 15.62 6.15/4.19 2.74:1
Katana-97 97 VLC N/S N/S N/S 128 171 193 16.3 6.42/4.37 2.74:1
Katana-107 107 VLC N/S N/S N/S 144 192 216 17.12 6.74/4.59 2.74:1
Katana-120 120 VLC N/S N/S N/S 162 216 243 18.13 7.14/4.86 2.74:1

N/S - Not Suggested

VLC - Varies with landing conditions

Item Number Description Price Quantity Add to Cart
I-727100 PD Katana 83 2,530.00 cart
I-727200 PD Katana 89 2,530.00 cart
I-727300 PD Katana 97 2,530.00 cart
I-727400 PD Katana 107 2,530.00 cart
I-727500 PD Katana 120 2,530.00 cart
I-727600 PD Katana 135 2,530.00 cart
I-727700 PD Katana 150 2,530.00 cart
I-727800 PD Katana 170 2,530.00 cart
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